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When FogBugz authenticates against an Active Directory server, it matches the user’s email address to the AD mail field, and the full name to the name. Note: name is the name shown in the list of users, not the First, Last or Display Name shown in the properties window in Active Directory.

If you want to change these fields, you can change from Active Directory to LDAP in Admin -> Authentication in FogBugz. Here is the configuration for the vanilla Active Directory setup:

  • URL: LDAP://qa.fogcreek.local/dc=qa,dc=fogcreek,dc=local
  • user template: ^USER
  • filter used to validate a user: (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=^USER))
  • attribute for the user’s full name: name
  • attribute for the user’s phone number: telephoneNumber
  • attribute for the user’s email address: mail

Simply change “name” and “mail” as needed, e.g. use displayName for the full name.