FogBugz limits the number of emails it sends, including both notifications and outgoing email generated by responses to correspondents on cases, prevent abuse and keep your inbox from overflowing.

Site-Wide Outbound Limit

FogBugz On Demand and FogBugz On Site will not send more than 10,000 emails in one 24-hour period. For Your Server does not have any built-in site-wide outbound limits.

Per-User Notification Email Limit

The following limits are per-FogBugz user, not per email address. So if you have a virtual user called “Support Queue” and it is set to the same email address as your user, the two have their own notifications counters in FogBugz.

FogBugz 8.0.33 and later:

  • 2,000 notifications of case edits and assignments
  • 200 notifications of emails from correspondence arriving in cases

Older versions:

  • 200 notifications of any type of edit