Editing or moving several cases in FogBugz at one time, or in bulk, can be done by using Bulk Edit. To use Bulk Edit, get a list of cases that you want to work on, select the checkbox, and click the necessary bulk action button at the bottom of your page such as Edit, Assign, Resolve, Close, etc. For example, you can:

  • move several cases to another project at once
  • resolve and close several cases at once
  • assign several cases to someone at once
  • subscribe to several cases at once


NOTE: You can also use quick search to edit cases by entering a comma-separated list of case numbers in the FogBugz search box. Put the following in the FogBugz search box, hit enter, and you will immediately get the bulk edit page:

Quick Bulk Edit

Once you click the bulk action button you’ll be brought to a case edit page where you make the changes you need.  You can do things like:

  • Modify the Project
  • Modify the Area
  • Modify the Assigned to
  • Modify the Milestone
  • Modify the Category
  • etc.

Make the changes you need and click OK, or depending on your action click Resolve & Close, or Resolve, etc. If  you’re bulk subscribing, you don’t need to click OK. You can also use the handy left or right arrows to cycle through the cases quickly to see the details of each case.