Setting your Site Timezone

The “Site Timezone” is the default timezone for your FogBugz account. Generally, this should be set to the timezone that the majority of your users live in.

To set the “Site Timezone”, just go to Admin (In Kiln, click the picture of your Gravatar at the top right) > Site Configuration,

FogBugz  -> fogbugz_siteconfiguration       Kiln ->      kiln_siteconfiguration


then click on the “Regional” tab server_timezone

and then select the desired time-zone and click OK!


Overriding the Site Timezone – Setting your User Timezone

If you are one of the unlucky users that does not fall into the same timezone as your Site Timezone, then you will probably want to override this setting so that you can see all event messages with time stamps that make sense to you!

To set your User Timezone, just go to My Settings -> Options and change the value for the Time Zone setting. You should now see all events’ timestamps displayed relative to your timezone.