Important Update!

FogBugz 7.3.15 is no longer the latest release available to FogBugz 7 users. FogBugz 8.8.55 is now free for any existing Licensed FogBugz customer running any earlier version of FogBugz! Read below about why we are offering the latest licensed FogBugz installer for Windows, then make sure to download version FogBugz 8.8.55 as it contains all security fixes.

If you previously updated to the free 7.3.6 or 7.3.9 versions, we strongly recommend you update to 7.3.15. It is a free update that fixes a security issue in all 7.x versions.

Why is it free?

There are several reasons we’re doing this:

  • There are some customers out there on old versions of FogBugz. Not to denigrate those old versions, but we want to protect our reputation. We want to make sure that all our users have the right idea of the kind of product we offer, regardless of the budget of the company they happen to work for, so we’re offering this one-time free upgrade to a stable, modern version.
  • If you are on an old version without a current support contract and you have a problem, we always try to help. Versions prior to FogBugz 7 had far less logging and diagnostics, so we end up spending more time than we need to. It’s far easier for us to give you a version with better diagnostics and troubleshoot that.
  • We are offering the Windows version only. The Windows install has a very slightly lower incidence of needing install troubleshooting. Part of our goal here is to reduce support load, and this restriction is in service of that.If you’re on the Linux or Mac version, you’ll have to install the Windows version in order to take advantage of this offer. It should work fine against your MySQL database, provided you have MySQL 5.0.45 through MySQL 5.1.59 (MySQL 5.5 and later require FogBugz 8.0). and don’t forget to review the gotchas.

We encourage you to download the latest FogBugz version available to you and try a test installHere are the system requirements. You can even point it at a copy of your current database (after sanitizing that copy, of course) to see if it’ll work for you. If it works, you’re done! Go forward and use it in health. Should you want to take advantage of some of the nifty features in FogBugz 8, you’ll just need to renew your maintenance contract.

Database Notes: We no longer support Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2000 as of 7.3.6. SQL Server 2008 Express is free. We can convert your Access database for a fee. If using MySQL, the version must be 5.0.45 through 5.1.59.

If your expiration date is prior to 7/14/2009, your renewal will cost less than it previously would have. In a one-time offer to longstanding customers, we are bringing all old maintenance expiration dates forward to 7/14/2009, the release date of FogBugz 7. Depending on when you’re reading this, this amounts to something like a 50% discount off purchasing FogBugz 8 licenses. (And you get to try FogBugz 7 for free.)

IMPORTANT: This FogBugz upgrade is offered without warranty or support for users without maintenance contracts. If you have mission-critical systems running on FogBugz, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade anyway, but do so with lots and lots of testing and opportunity for rollback. This program is proving very popular, and we have a lot of current maintenance customers needing our help. We can’t promise you that we’ll have the bandwidth to support you in real-time should something go wrong. Test ALL of your systems before making the full move to the new version.