• Project Groups for grouping related projects (filter using the “projectgroup” axis)
  • User accounts now have profile pictures, exposed when hovering over a user’s name
  • Plugins can now determine the status of a hosted account for both FogBugz and Kiln (free trial, enabled)
  • Faster attachment uploads
  • Allow aliases for mailboxes that are longer than 256 characters
  • Add support for phone numbers of the form “+55 55 5555555”

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed where VS Addin occasionally crashed Visual Studio
  • More robust handling of uploads from the screenshot tool
  • Show the correct number of bugs in a list in FogBugz Mobile
  • Improved performance of filters when used by plugins
  • Remove quoted BCC info from outgoing email replies
  • Editing links in the wiki via the link dialog now works