• Rich text case editing!
  • Mobile FogBugz. Light weight views for:
    • Logging in.
    • Listing cases
    • Viewing cases
    • Editing cases
  • Improvements to custom fields.
    • Custom fields can now be configured to only appear for selected projects or categories. Enable this via the custom fields configuration page.


  • New IPluginJS and IPluginCSS interfaces (replace IPluginStaticJS and IPluginStaticCSS)
  • api.Mail.SendTextEmail can no longer generate emails with zero recipients
  • FogBugz version now exposed at the bottom of list cases
  • Chrome: custom site logos no longer rendered 50px too low under certain conditions
  • In case view, the Project, Area, and Milestone names are now links to their respective filters
  • Normal users (non-admins) can now share their saved filters under Filters -> Manage saved filters

Bug Fixes

  • Clear heartbeat log file (hb.log) on linux and mac when FogBugz is started (fixed in 8.3.13)