• BugMonkey 2.0
    • BugMonkey customizations can now be created individually by any user (if allowed by admin)
    • Customizations can be shared with other users by administrators
    • Shared customizations can be optional or required
    • Customizations can be imported directly from fogbugz.stackexchange.com
  • Notify plugin
    • You can now notify users of changes to a case without the burden of assigning (look for the “Notify” field when you edit a case)!
  • AutoSubscribe plugin
    • Added the ability to subscribe to Areas
    • AutoSubscribe now allows you to unsubscribe from cases you no longer care about
  • Code Snippet plugin
    • Added support for both [code]...[/code] and <code>...</code> tags
    • Added support for in-line code snippets instead of only whole code blocks (just keep everything on one line: <code>codez</code>)
    • Added support for Code Snippets (both in-line and multi-line) inside of Kiln code reviews (requires Kiln 2.2 or later)
  • Plugin API
    • New plugin interface IPluginPseudoBugEvents allows plugins to add blocks of HTML with a time-stamp to the case view without creating an actual edit.
    • New PluginStaticJsUrl and PluginStaticCssUrl functions exposed via FogCreek.FogBugz.Plugins.Api.CUrlApi.
    • New FogCreek.Core.Html.WhitespaceToHtml function that converts carriage returns with <br /> tags and standalone spaces with &nbsp;
    • You can now edit Milestones via the XML API using cmd=editFixFor
    • You can now get the Computer and Version names from the XML API via the cmd=viewSiteSettings
    • You can now list known tags and their counts via the XML API
    • You can now remove a due date via the API by sending a single space (%20).
    • You can now set a bug’s children directly via the XML API rather than only setting parents.
    • You can now get the FogBugz (not API) version from the XML API
  • External “ticket url” access to cases in a public project can be removed on a per-case basis by loading the ticket URL and adding the query parameter “command=removeExternalAccess“.
  • Added an option for what to do when a case is closed. Either a) redirect to your current filter (default) or b) stay on the case details page.
  • You should once again be able to view and sort by Long Text Fields. Beware some performance costs if the list is very long!

Enhancements and Bug Fixes


- Improved readability of the case list on mobile devices.
- Behavior of "Average Time Open" should be more consistent
- Changed some Reporting graph axis labels to be more clear
  about the information presented
- Improved performance when displaying the old Main Menu page
- Saving wiki pages is now much faster when you have a large
  attachments table.
- Clicking the logo in the Admin pages will now take you back
  to FogBugz (or Kiln)
- Visual Studio add-in
    - Should now remember its auto-hide status
    - Now forces HTTPS for FogBugz On Demand
    - Should now use your default browser, rather than the
      Visual Studio browser
    - Should now remember your column sort ordering between
- Made some minor changes to the functionality of the Filters
- Removed some sort-order redundancy in the Filter menu

Bug Fixes

- Fix the tab ordering for custom fields.
- Fixed a problem with FogBugz On Demand and RSS readers
  which could cause Safari to lose its cookie
- Fixed a bug when displaying non-Latin characters in
  priority names
- Fixed display of long priority labels in chart legends
- Fixed a bug breaking the bar and column chart display for
  some international locales.
- Chart breakdowns will no longer change when chart type is
- Reporting now provides a warning when attempting to use the
  Changes Over Time graphs when they shouldn't be available
- Enhanced internationalization of Reporting tooltips
- Fixed a bug causing the iPad to break usernames and
  passwords on login
- Fixed bug resulting in the Reporting plugin running a bad
  SQL query
- Fixed a bug resulting wiki edit pages "Loading..."
  indefinitely. Now they correctly display a "browser
  unsupported" error.
- Fixed a bug where some line charts were not being rendered
  in the correct time zone.
- Fix a bug preventing TimeInterval from consistently
  returning correct data to plugins
- Users should no longer lose their email text when there are
  bulk reply errors
- Enhanced the internals of plugin deployment and stability.
- Fixed a condition which would occasionally cause MSSQL to
  use the wrong date format
- Fixed an On Demand bug erroneously restricting the use of
  the plugin AppDomain.
- Wiki comments should now work correctly in Chrome
- Added warnings to clear up Reporting behavior with Custom
  Field Breakdowns
- Wiki blocks were not editable in certain browsers (i.e.,
  could not close wiki comments or modify code snippets after
  they were created, etc.). This has been corrected.
- Fixed a bug preventing drag'n'drop attachments on Mac OS X
  with Chrome/Safari
- MIME-Version header is now included in all outgoing email
  to protect notifications from aggressive spam filters.
- Attachments should no longer display C:\fakepath in newer
- Changed MySQL Create/Alter syntax to use ENGINE instead of
  TYPE keyword
- Fixed a bug causing FogBugz to not include the person who
  opened a case in the notification.
- The textarea used by the Case Event Edit plugin on the Mac
  now uses the same monospaced font as the regular case event
- Fixed a bug which was double-encoding non-latin characters
  in the grid view under some circumstances