The New Features in FogBugz 8

Charting and Reporting

Beautiful charting and reporting for your FogBugz data. Tightly integrated with existing filters.

  • Turn any filtered list of cases into a gorgeous chart in two clicks.
  • Use pie charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts, line charts, exportable-to-excel tables, and more.
  • Chart historical FogBugz data to see, for one simple example, your bug attrition rate over time.
  • Add additional charting and reporting metrics via the plugin API.

Beautiful charting and reporting for your FogBugz data

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New Permissions System

Now fine-grained, reusable, and easy-to-understand.

New Permissions System

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And more…

There are tons of bug fixes. And, don’t forget all the new features that were just added a few months ago in 7.3:

  • Edit your case events.
  • Resize your case view.
  • Improved Agile/Scrum Support.
  • IMAP Support.
  • Bulk Reply and Improved Bulk Editing.

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Mobile Fogbugz

Check in with FogBugz on the go. Nothing to install. Just surf to FogBugz with your mobile device’s browser.

Mobile FogBugz

Updated Wiki

A completely new wiki experience. Brand new WYSIWYG editor based on CKEditor, a commenting system, helpful navigation controls, and much more.

New Wiki

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It’s easy to notify other people of changes to a case. A lightweight box autocompletes the names of other FogBugz users.

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Powerful Enterprise Features

New features to make administering large FogBugz installs easier

  • Authentication against Multiple LDAP Domains
  • Revamped permissions (see above).
  • Project-specific custom fields