You need a token to do anything with the FogBugz XML API. Here’s how to get one:

Open a browser and load the following URL into it, replacing the text in [square brackets] with values appropriate to your install:

  • NOTE: If you’re on FogBugz On Demand, you must use HTTPS, not HTTP.
  • ALSO NOTE: Follow the General rules for API requests, including URL Encoding your URLs. Otherwise, special characters in passwords may cause trouble.

Alternatively, from the command line set the variables FOGBUGZ, EMAIL, and PASSWORD, then run:

curl "https://$FOGBUGZ/api.asp?cmd=logon&email=$EMAIL&password=$PASSWORD"

The API should give you an XML response with a token that looks something like this:


Copy the token value. This is how you use it to do a search for “foo”:


Alternatively, from the command line set the variable TOKEN:

curl "https://$FOGBUGZ/api.asp?token=$TOKEN&cmd=search&q=foo" 

The token has no expiry time. It can be invalidated by executing a logoff command with that token or by changing your user’s password.

See also the full XML API documentation.