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Note: The “tagrange” search axis and Kiln filters are not available for FogBugz Ocelot.

Here’s how to find FogBugz cases that have been closed between associated tags in Kiln!

Part of our new integration between Kiln and FogBugz is a FogBugz search axis which lets you specify two Tags from Kiln. Let’s say you have two Changesets tagged Build_1.0.3 and Build_1.0.4 simply search for


The result set will be all cases which have been completed between those two tags.

The exact workings of this axis are as follows. If you search for tagrange:"tagA..tagB" first we will find every repository that contain both tags. Then we return all cases such that every associated changeset is an ancestor of tagB and at least 1 changeset is not an ancestor of tagA. Another way to think of this is: Bugs with changesets after tagA with no changesets after tagB. This set of cases is the set of cases which were completed between the two tags.

There is a corresponding filter “kiln – completed between” which returns an identical result set.