All sorts of stuff has been changed in the FogBugz 8 wiki!

One of the most immediately visible changes we’ve made is to completely redesign the default wiki template that ships with FogBugz 8. If you’re upgrading to FogBugz 8, most of your wikis will be automatically set to use our new template.

The New FogBugz 8 Default Template!


The default wiki template has been completely redesigned in FogBugz 8.0 to be easier to use and (we feel) a whole lot better looking. The primary goal was to make a clear distinction between controls and links that are related to the wiki as a whole, and those that are related to the page of the wiki that you’re currently viewing or editing.

Organization & Navigation

To do this, the search box, new page link, and other controls have all been placed in the sidebar (1):


While metadata (tags, last modified date, etc.) and other page specific controls have been consolidated into the page header (2):


To help with navigation and organization, there is a new $breadcrumbs$ template placeholder that comes with the Wiki Navigation Plugin which provides a clickable version of the current page’s path in the wiki hierarchy (3):


For more information on using wiki navigation, see this blog post.

Updated Plugins & New Template Placeholders

Other plugins have also been updated to fit in with the new template and provide their own template placeholders. The Wiki Article Table of Contents plugin has been updated for FogBugz 8 with new styling (4) and also now provides a $toc$ template placeholder so that you can automatically include a table of contents in all of your wiki’s articles.


In fact, there are a whole slew of new template placeholders that come with FogBugz 8 and its new default template.  Click the “learn more” link when modifying your wiki template to see the exhaustive list of available placeholders:


Updated Table Styles

The old FogBugz wiki template shipped with a number of different tables styles, some of which looked better than others. As part of the FogBugz 8 template redesign we decided to also give our default tables styles some love:


Almost every table from previous versions of FogBugz will automatically switch to using this new style after upgrading to FogBugz 8 (provided you’re using the new FogBugz 8 template, of course).

Custom Templates & Setting the Default FogBugz Template

Of course, if you want your wiki to have a different style to it, wiki templates can still be customized. Just click on Wiki -> Manage Wikis… -> Customize templates and create a new template (it will start off as a copy of the FogBugz 8 default template).

You might also notice the new Default column on the “Customize templates” page. This option allows you to specify which template will be used by default when creating new wikis.