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Please note: BugMonkey is only supported in FogBugz For Your Server. If you are using FogBugz On Demand or On Site, similar functionality is available as Customizations!

BugMonkey is a FogBugz plug-in that allows you to customize your own FogBugz to suit your needs. The name comes from the popular GreaseMonkey extension for FireFox. You can find a bunch of BugMonkey scripts by visiting the BugMonkey Script Archive post. We also offer a template which makes handling case-page transitions easier.

You can add and manage BugMonkey scripts by going to My Settings > Customizations within FogBugz.


Click “New Customization…” to create a new script. Give it a name and description and fill in the JS and CSS sections. Make sure you save it and also enable it for your user. You can also enable scripts that others have shared in your FogBugz instance in the “Your Available Customizations” list.

Site administrators can configure the plugin in Admin > Plugins to set who can create customizations and who can import customizations from this site.


Site admins can edit any customization regardless of who created it, and can set whether it is on or off by default for certain users, or is required.