Release Date: 2018-1-11

  • Forwarding an email no longer insists upon including all attachments, especially not the attachments you explicitly removed from the forward before hitting “send”
  • Customers with our time tracking module enabled now have a convenient button on the case view page for starting and stopping work on a case
  • When adding or removing cases from a hierarchy, the entire hierarchy is reindexed using heartbeat instead of the queue service. This should reduce the bursty overloading of the QS (which can cause paging) while maintaining a reasonably-current hierarchy in ES
  • Under certain circumstances, settings for a Manuscript site could have multiple records in the database. This release will clean out the duplicates and make sure that no settings are duplicated in the future.
  • In the increasingly rare cases where sending a JSON API request results in a server-side error, we’ll no longer send you opaque error about how XML couldn’t be parsed
  • Links in the “Recent” and “Favorites” submenus once again use a visited/unvisited style to let you quickly see what’s changed since your last visit (we’re still working on getting the colors just right)
  • Updated our “Feedback” icon based on some excellent feedback.
  • Added access keys for quick editing of cases from list view
  • Added title text to sidebar links for accessibility