Released: 2015-10-16

FogBugz 8.8.55 is a security fix release. Upgrading is strongly recommended for anyone running FogBugz 7.0 or later.

If you have any version of FogBugz 7.0 or higher, you do not need a current maintenance contract to receive this update.

  • Fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the rich text case event editor and mobile case view
  • There are no functionality changes or bug fixes since 8.8.53
  • All FogBugz 7 and 8 installations should upgrade to 8.8.55
  • If you are upgrading from a 7.x version of FogBugz, you can read our documentation about the major changes in FogBugz 8.0 as well as detailed 8.x release notes

A current maintenance contract is not required for security releases.

Log into your account with an order number and email address, then click the Download link next to your oldest FogBugz order. Download the installer there for the security fix in version 8.8.55. If you run Kiln on your server, the existing Kiln 2.9.61 installer does not include this FogBugz upgrade. Contact support to obtain your download link (it should have already been sent to the most recent email address you used on our store).

A note for Linux customers:

If you run FogBugz on a Linux server and your maintenance expired before July 14, 2009, you can upgrade to 8.8.55 by switching to a windows server. (Why do I need to switch to Windows?)