Repository Integration

FogBugz is tightly integrated with Kiln, our repository product. Kiln is really powerful, and we’d love to have you give it a shot. If you’d rather use another service though, no worries! We have some source control integration capabilities in FogBugz. It’s not as good as what’s available with Kiln, but it works with a wide variety of tools.

Setting up Source Control Integration with Bitbucket

Setting up the FogBugz side

  • Follow along with the instructions for Generic Source Control Integration. You will leave the Diff URL and Log URL fields blank.
  • Make note of the script access URL provided to you. It will look something like:

    • https://<your_site> is your CVS Submit URL. In this case, we’ll pretend that’s
    • ixRepository=1 is the URL parameter that defines the Repository ID for external source control integration. You only need this value (in this case, 1)

Setting up the Bitbucket side

  • Follow the instructions for Bitbucket’s FogBugz Service Management.
    • Repository ID will be just the value from ixRepository (in this case, 1)
    • CVSSubmit URL will be https://<your_site> (for example,

Using the integration

To link your BitBucket changesets to FogBugz, simply add BugzID: <case number> to your commit. For example, a commit message might look like this:

Crushed another bug with FogBugz! BugzID: 2

Bitbucket will inform FogBugz of the changeset, and you’ll see a Checkin link on the left-hand side of the appropriate case. Click on that link, and you’ll see details about the changeset:



If you like that, you should really try Kiln. It’s free for up to two users, so you can get started today under Your On Demand Account Edit Products.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us!